Testing SSHv2 on off-network Cisco Router

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I have a question regarding SSHv2

I need to send cisco 29XX router to remote site. I need to configure it here and then ship it. There will be no one available remotely to console it, if needed. So I have to test the SSH here, but I CAN"T put it in the network here to test. In SW I know we can connect PC with one of the port and that port then assigned to the specific vlan and then after giving the IP address I was able to ssh to the offline switch (not connected to network). Not sure in router case.

router#sh ip int brief
Interface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol
GigabitEthernet0/0         unassigned      YES manual down                  down
GigabitEthernet0/0.2       10.X.X.X       YES NVRAM   down                  down < USER VLAN
GigabitEthernet0/0.22      10.X.X.X        YES NVRAM  down                  down < Managemt VLAN
GigabitEthernet0/1         unassigned      YES NVRAM  down                  down
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If you can SSH by connecting a pc it means it's ok from that VLAN.But it's not sure from outside you could or not.You have to check if there is ACL configured or not and be sure ACL isn't blocking SSH

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