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Is There A Means Or A Way In Windows 7 To Have The Physical Keyboard Play Musical Notes Or An Arrangement Of Instrumental Sounds Typically Found On A Musical Keyboard Instrument Like A Piano Or Organ?

Bazingeroo used Ask the Experts™
Hello. I have a question regarding Windows 7 64-bit operating system.


Is there a means or a way in Windows 7 to have the physical keyboard play musical notes or an arrangement of instrumental sounds typically found on a musical keyboard instrument like a piano or organ? In addition to have the ability to produce instrumental sounds, but the ability to change the musical instrument to another desired musical instrument? ..and just one further point: establish a repeating or reoccurring tempo and/or a rhythm as an accompaniment once programmed?  

I am not sure if Windows 7 inherently or has a built-in feature such a complete set of features I have just asked or a segment of the items desired. If Windows 7 does not have this musical instrument feature set; can you recommend a good, dependable, third party program – free (always desired) or paid (usually better quality design and construction and more feature laden). If you can suggest a third party program, please provide website URL or weblink.  

Please reply.

Thank you!
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Did you want to connect your keyboard to your PC?

You need to use a plug in maybe like this virtual keyboard, click the screen to activate then use your keyboard
With these look for trials until you find the want that provides your needs
KB Piano
Synthesia 0.8.1

There is also Fruity Loops keyboard
you'll need to use FL Studio from Image-Line it has a trial, however it is for the advanced user as you may get lost in the interface
watch it in action just a small sample more on the right
Turn Computer Keyboard Into An Instrument software
Selection of various not tried


@ Merete:

Hello again. Thank you for your comment.

I totally appreciate your comment with extensive choices and selections. Thank you! I have researching your comments and I found each one has a different focus. Like one of them, Synthesia is a 'hands-on' training based program. Some offer more features and functions than others. I see some are truly free and others have a modest cost associated with them. I like that the last one recommended has the ability to add more than just a musical keyboard beyond piano-like sounds. I am very pleased with your comment. I have a nice choice set here. Thank you!!!

I am closing this thread/question at this time. I received a very nice composed response. Thank you!
Hello Bazingeroo, thank you,
 I am pleased that my  knowledge and suggestions helped and you are satisfied,
since I do play music on my keyboard using FL Studio, a question like yours doesn't really have a straight answer as it covers a wide range of options, sometimes I'm not sure of what to offer, too much or too little.

Best wishes and enjoy your new music pursuits.