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We have 2 Windows XP Pro computers on our LAN (and 1 Win7).  All 3 computers are configured for remote access.  We want to use Trustwave for merchant services.  They won't serve us unless we eliminate the possibility of Man in the Middle attacks, and suggest configuring RDP to use SSL.  It's my understanding you can't do that in XP Pro.  Any suggestions?  Can the router's firewall be tweaked to provide that level of security?
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unless you have a server that acts as a remote desktop gateway that can be configured to use ssl, then you have to add a ssl package to your computers will tell you how to use putty to do this. note: for windows 7 do not install it into c:\program files as it is not written properly and tries to save configuration information into the c:\program files\ protected area.

I'd suggest using logmein free, teamviewer, or other vnc product instead of rdp for this scenario, and only allow rdp inside of your network.

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