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Change Printer Settings and Add The New Configuration as a Separate Printer

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I would like to add a printer to my Windows XP list of installed printers, using my existing printer with a different set of printing preferences.

Sometimes I use double-sided printing settings, sometimes not.  Can i add (as a separate printer) the same laser printer with the preferences set for double-sided printing?

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Yes you can add another printer on same port as it is before.

Go to your Printers folder right click on the Printer and go to properties. Over then in Ports tab see which is the Port it is using. Note it down.

Now in Printer Folder click on Add printer and select Local Port/Printer select the same port over there and add the Printer drivers as system shows you. Simply give different name for this printer and set the printer properties as you desire. Both settings you can now differ to each of then even though printer is same :)


Above link will guide you how to configure the printer.

Hope this helps