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Undisclosed Recipients/Outlook 2003

nickaqleh used Ask the Experts™
OK, I know there are thousands of responses on how to create an email to send to Undisclosed Recipients, but here is my situation. We have individuals that look to be sending to  Undisclosed Recipients on the To: line, but they have not created the Undisclosed Recipients contact, is this possible? Is there an automatic setting somewhere in Outlook or Exchange?

Exchange 2003/Outlook 2003 is what we use.
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Create a new contact, Name is Undisclosed Recipients, use your email address, if prompted about a duplicate contact, say allow, save and close

now compose a message with the to: undisclosed recipients
bcc: the contacts separated with a semi-colon ";"
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Are they really sending to it? In that case it is probably in the Autocomplete of those users, and needs to get removed.
If you just see emails which are sent correctly, but have the To: Undisclosed Recipients shown in their header, that happens because there was nothing set in To: at all, and it is ok that way.
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If your only asking if its possible, It is actaully possible to do so.

A Blank Contact field can be created without Details.
Before Saving Outlook Will Notify you and ask to make sure you want to save the blank contact.

So in theory they could be doing this, and adding the BCC Addresses.

However, if the user were to do this.

When they send it, its virtually no different than Opening a New Email
Not completing the TO or Cc Fields
And simply adding recipients to the Bcc: Field.

Once an address is added to Bcc the email can be Sent, even without an Contact in the To or Cc.

Upon receiving it, it will show To and Cc to be blank.

I Suspect this it wht they are doing, and have have not created an Undisclosed recipient.
I would discuss with the senders and Provide training as required