Is It Really Necessary to Close All Applications When Installing New Software?

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The title explains my question.  I think I have read that obeying the dialog box that advises you to close all other applications during the installing of software is there only to prevent the user from having to restart after the install is complete.  

I usually don't close my open programs during an install, figuring that if I have to restart, I will do it.  However, I can't remember the last time I have had to restart.

Am I running the risk of doing some sort of damage?

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In theory, closing all apps will close the files they have open and avoid any potential conflict with the installer. In practice however, I can't remember the last time I closed all apps to install, but it must be at least 25 years ago. Over this time I may have had one, or two, install issues that required me to reboot to get a clean install.

I think you can continue as you are.
It's just a "cover all your bases" statement to hopefully prevent any conflicts with the installation.... ie. could be a newer dll and just happens to be in use with another application.  Could cause a problem with the installation but I wouldn't characterize it as "damage".
You do run the risk of performing an install that may fail because some other program is running and that might end in a state it can not manage.

Now, I "never" close my programs when installing an application.  When I make big installs, I do try to install applications one by one (I evaluate the risk).  Not rebooting your computer between installs usually has more impact than not closing your programs when installing.  [On reboot, some extra installation steps are performed, and these steps are not always compatible between different installers].

Worst case I experienced is that I did have to close all programs, reboot and reinstall the application.

Most recent programs will work fine and detect files that are in use, warn about it and allow you to close related programs.
Hi Friend,

In Simple,  When we install any application which is depends with any other product installed with in the machine.  It will prompt to close that application to take effect on the product already installed.  Like Patches, Add-ons, etc....  

Some product will install Independently and in the final stage it show like to reboot the machine, Once rebooted the changes in depended applications will start working with that.

So closing the application is to take changes in the existing application.  

P. Praveen Raj

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