Oracle Apex Activation on Production Server Oracle 11g R2 Windows 2008 64 bit

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Hi Everyone

i have production server running with Oracle 11g R2 Enterprise Edition on Windows 2008 64 bit. I wanted to activate Oracle apex on the same server to use apex as a reporting tool.

how to install Apex without installing XE  and access the objects on my existing Schema.

i heard that 11g is shipped with oracle apex 3.2. How can i upgrade it to 4.1 if the existing version gets activated.

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David VanZandtOracle Database Administrator III

There is an upgrade utility that's pretty straight-forward:

A courtesy reminder to include the Oracle 11g zone for future 11g questions:  you may get a broader audience with multiple zones.


thanks for your quick reply
Plz go thru my question again  my basic question is how to activate the existing version packaged with Oracle 11g R2 without installing XE

once it  will be activated then i will able to upgrade using your link
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Check out:

Release 4.1.1 is now available - click the Download tab to download the latest version of Oracle Application Express. To upgrade an existing Release 4.1 installation you will need to get the patch script from My Oracle Support.

>>my basic question is how to activate the existing version packaged with Oracle 11g R2 without installing XE

I don't understand your question, as APEX and XE are two different products.  You shouldn't need to "activate" anything, unless you mean to unlock the APEX_PUBLIC_USER account.

If you want to upgrade your current installation of APEX (that came with Oracle 11g), just download the full package for 4.1/4.1.1 and follow the installation instructions.
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it should already be active

maybe you have the listener port disabled

select dbms_xdb.gethttpport from dual

if that returns 0 then it's disabled,  if it's something other than 0,  point your browser to that port


but,  as mentioned above, there isn't really an upgrade path except to do a full install of the 4.1 software.  So even if you get the v3 working, it won't really help, you'll do a full install anyway

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