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I am a student learning about Cisco layer 3 switches.  I am a little confused about layer 3 switches and their layer 3 abilities.  Previously, I assumed that a (lets use 3500 & 3600 series Cisco switches) Cisco layer 3 switch was like a Cisco router but had many more ports to enable routing and configure IP addresses on.  I am realizing now that this is not the case.  The ports cannot be configured to all use different IP addresses?  Am I correct in my assumption?  Thanks,
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The ports can be configured to use different IP addresses, but you need to use the 'no switchport' command when in global config/interface mode


conf t
int fa 0/1
no switchport

Now you can assign an ip address to that port


this is the perfect answer.  answers many many questions.

This won't work until unless you run ip routing command.

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