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Hi All,

I am very interested in learning PHP and MYSQL, what is a good tool to learn this technology on a faster track?  Something that starts at the beginning!


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CBT Nuggets has a very nice set of videos on PHP (Beginner and Advanced).
I would say that W3Schools is probably a good place to start:

Give that a go and see how you find it!


I will try both.

What is Zend Web ?  I see that is part of the training on the CBT Nugget.
These are my recommendations:

Converse, Tim and Park, Joyce, PHP Bible, Wiley Publishing, ISBN #0-7645-4955

Butcher, Anthony, SAMS Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days, SAMS Publishing, ISBN# 0-672-32392

Welling, Luke and Thomson, Laura, PHP and MySQL Web Development, SAMS Publishing, ISBN# 0-672-32672

They are good for both learning and for later reference.
Use xampp server for starting php mysql without any knowhow, simply the best
and use w3schools.com to startwith.

download straight away from for xampp server
Very good tutorial with pictures, the best...... ( no need to know anything )

PHP Basics In Pictures from

Hello Jack_son_

post your comments for further assistance
learn mysql from start in pictures from

Hello Jack_son_ where are you?


I'm back, okay, I see a lot of choices.   I like the php basics too.  I am making an app from scratch, will this show me how to understand the syntax?
If once you understand the basics, then you can very well start build applications, I am sure.
pl download xampp server and start using.
Happy php programming!
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I like the references available at Tizag and W3Schools.  But these provide no structure for learning.  A good book with excellent structure and great examples is available here.  Now in its fourth printing, it has been a permanent part of my professional library since Edition One.

Enjoy your learning adventure! ~Ray
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This would help u a lot .

greetings  Jack_son_ , , , There are very many PHP-MySQL learning sites and books, even some YouTube vids, some are better suited to some people (personalities) than others.
But there is One Learning and Reference web place that you should get to know soon, and go back to for answers to PHP and MySQL methods and problems, That is the online PHP Manual . . . Here is the web addy for the PHP language reference -

and a page about starting in PHP programming,

and you can read as deep into a PHP subject as you have time for by following the links on the left.
Hello Jack_son_,
Anything specific you need! pl. post your comments!


Great, thanks for all the feedback

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