How to Push an Outlook Contact Folder to all users on IPhone

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I need to push out an Outlook Contact Folder with specific contacts in it to a group of Iphone users.  The purpose of this folder is to have it available on the IPhone in the event of an emergency where no 3G or internet is available in our geographic location.

It seems that when in Airplane Mode (simulated loss of 3G and internet availability) all of my Outlook Contacts folders are still available.  So, how would I push out an Outlook Contacts folder to these users.

We are using the following:

Exchange 2010
Outlook 2010
IPhone 4 (activesync)
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Export the contacts to a csv file and email it to them!
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How many contacts are we talking about here?

Is there any reason they need to be in a seperate contact folder.

You can just email the contacts to the sepecific users, say in a vCard

Once they receive they can simply add the contacts to their contacts.


I understand the options given, but I'm looking for a centrally managed way to do it.  I don't want the end user to have to intervene in the process.

I was hoping that there was a way to have a Contact folder that could be pushed out through Exchange.
Well, then, why didn't you say so originally?

Return all the iPhones and get  Droids...

THEN it is automatic!
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Active Sync / Iphoen ActiveSync are only going to Sync the default Mailbox folders for the users mailbox

So unfortunatley, your not really going to be able to acheive pushing out a specific seperate contact folder for the iphone users....

If they need to have the contacts, their only options are manual processes

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