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I created a combo box on a continuous form, used the wizard, etc. All looks good but it won't accept the value . . . this list pops up but you can't select one . . .

it's like it's not enabled for data entry, but when you select one, nothing happens.
enabled = yes
locked = no

and right beside is another combo box that DOES work, it was set up in the form wizard. I checked the properties and they look the same.
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Seems you are trying to save wrong type of data from this combobox and it is bounded to table's field. Check field's type in table and bound column in combobox.
Hamed NasrRetired IT Professional
Check the bound column propery value to reflect the index of the column.


apologize for the delay, will check tonight.
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Finally back, posting my system.

In the screen Candidates, I can select a record in the sub-form, but it's not carrying the id from the parent record. The records display properly but I can't add a new record. I have a Before-Insert expression on the sub-form but that doesn't seem to work.

On the Positions plus candidates screen, I re-built it with a subform based on a table and not a query, but still can't get the records to save.

I think my troubles stem from the fact that my tables use lookups and not raw data with foreign keys - in Access 2010 which I am just learning I couldn't find the "Table Design" thingy.

Click on the two red-bolded screens, neither one allows me to add a child record.
Hamed NasrRetired IT Professional

Tables appear with  different icon. Click table and select design view.
Context menu (right click)  does not show Design view.

Appearance looks different from my access 2010. What issue are  you using?
Tell me what to do to get the required output



>>Tables appear with  different icon.
- different from what ?

>>Click table and select design view.
- the only view I have is datasheet view

>>What issue are  you using?
- Academic version, but I can't find "About" to see the version . . .

>>Tell me what to do to get the required output
- Well, I can't get the required output . . . that's why I'm here . . .

I can't get a subform to work, see original question.

Thank you.
I will be happy to take a look if you upload the database in mdb format.
Hamed NasrRetired IT Professional

Table icon differs from my database using professional.
Some commands are not showing.
I could not follow the original question. What I need a step by step instruction, like:
1 open form ...
2 click button ....
3 enter 123 in field ID
..... so on
until we get to the required output.


vadimrapp1,  how do I save in .mdb format ?

- open Candidates form
- attempt to add a 2nd record in subform
    - error is "... cannot find record in table 'Contacts' with key matching field(s) 'Candidate'

- then open Position Candidates
- attempt to add a Candidate to position CEO
- error is "You can't assign a value to this object"

On the File tab, click Save & Publish.
Under Save Database As, do one of the following:

    To save a copy of the database in a format that can be opened by using Access 2002 or later, click Access 2002 - 2003 Database (*.mdb).

Click Save As.



can't do it - it says "You cannot save this database in an earlier format, because it uses features that require the current format."

I guess because I bought an academic version I'm screwed . . . I can't see a table layout like normal in Oracle or something, only the datasheet view. So I have lookups in my table which I believe is not the way to go . . . but I can't see the design table so can't do it . . .
You were trying to save data to wrong tables. You should save data to "Position Candidates" table.
There is no difference between academic and retail versions, only licensing terms.


ok, I will check it out.

how come i cant see the design view for tables, only the datasheet view?

i will check your solution in a bit, thx


didn't get my question answered, will open another question and take a different approach.
You shouldn't accept answer if it is not answering your question, but it does.
As I can see in your next question you have problems with basic principles of data storage.
You are correct - try not to use lookup fields in tables until you will understand how data are really stored.


als315, yes, this was a bust question, I waded in too quick and pretty much was thrashing.

actually, I don't have problems with basic principles of data storage, I had problems with not understanding Access 2010, I used a web system as a template and didn't realize the limitations.

So I've started with a clean slate, designed the tables properly, and in one night did what I was trying to do for weeks but had been using the web stuff and getting twisted up like a pretzel.

I created the juntion table and now a subform, and it's working fine.

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