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We have a Microsoft 2008 r2 server running the trial Remote Desktop Services that is about to expire.  A software developer told us that a specific application they are providing us would run in this environment, but so far has not been able to make it work.  Understandably, management does not want to purchases licensing for the server if we cannot get the application to run reliably.

We have a 2008 server that has not had Remote Desktop Services enabled on it.  Can we enable the trial on it and us it as a licensing server?  If so, are there any things I need to watch out for or suggestions to make the transition go smoothly?
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Yes, you will have a unique trial period on that server.


Thanks for your quick response... Just to be clear, I need to leave the problematic application on the server that it is on now (the one that the license is expiring on).  Can I leave the application where it is and use the new 2008 server trial period to run the licensing for it....
My instincts say no but I cannot give you a definitive answer without testing it myself.
if Terminal Services / RDS is installed on a server it has a grace period of 120 days (Allow you to operate without pointing the server to a TS/RDS license server).  Once that is up then unfortunately you cannot use that server as Term Services / RDS until you point it to a license server with a valid license.

If this is the same server with the application on then you will be pretty stuck.  If you have another server available you can install the rds role on that box and you will be given another 120 day grace period (As long as you dont specify a licensing server).  However this will mean that you will have to port that application over to that server for testing.

The other option is to spend the money on a single rds license that will be used purely for the testing. Advise the application vendor they will be required to outlay the cost for this single license as it is needed to test there appliation.  If the tests are successful your organisation will repay the cost for the license as you will require more once  the application goes into production.
Just to add my 5c, even if your RDS trial expires you are allowed to use RDS for administration purposes, it will allow 2 simultaneous connections for users in administrator group only.


OK... Thanks..... Not the answer I was hoping for, but it was what I needed to know....
Thanks for your help....

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