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Logon script to add printers / install drivers automatically without prompts

Carl Billington
Carl Billington used Ask the Experts™
Windows 2008
Is it possible to write a logon script that will add a shared networked printer and will automatically accept any prompts to install printer device drivers? (please view attached image).
I have been read through a lot of articles but nothing is working.
Your assistance is much appreciated.
Printer Driver Prompt
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It is possible to add printers automatically without being prompted. Saying that there is a couple things that need to be done

1) Ensure printer drivers are on the host server sharing the printer.  This is a common ignored fact.  Alot of printers these days are windows 2008r2, 2008 x64 for sbs 2011 servers. When you install the drivers on these servers to host the print queue it generally only installs the 64 bit drivers for that printer.  This is not a issue if all your desktop clients are 64 bit operating systems however it does not help if you are running older 32 bit desktops. You then need to go back to these shared printers on the print servers and install the 32 bit driver for them. The link below may help


2) The users will need permissions to add printers / install device drivers. This can usually be done by GPO. These links may come in handy but you may need to look into this further. I have done it a few times in the past but just havent got the documents or links handy.


3) Not sure what your logon script is written in

VB Script

cmd / bat script

hope that helps
Also found this video that may be of help



Thanks tetran_au. I knew all that information and I have been through it and yet still I am prompted to install the printer driver. If I click on install, the printer installs successfully but I would like to automate it so that I do not have to click on install.

This is generally Windows 7 workstations not Windows XP.

Try to disable Point and Print Restrictions in your GPO. Look into Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Printers.
I would be inclined to install Print Management on the server and role the drivers out that way.
Here is quite a good link about it.


Let me know if anything isn't clear.



Oh my god crash2000 you're a genius! :)
It works perfectly!
Glad to help.