copy image of ASA to desktop for GNS3

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How do I copy an image of a pix and a ASA5510 to my desktop.  I'm looking for the BIN file to load onto GNS3.
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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security Specialist

Put a tftp server on a regular PC/MAC (look for SolarWinds on Windows, native TFTP servers on Linux and Mac), then login to your Pix via SSH and copy the image:

copy flash:/image.bin tftp:

You may have to configure the Pix to use the appropriate interface, depending on where you are copying the image to, by setting this:

tftp-server outside x.x.x.x config-filename


tftp-server inside x.x.x.x config-filename
Consulting and Network/Security Specialist
For ASA, check what image you actually need:

asa# dir flash:

Directory of disk0:/

92     -rwx  8515584     16:07:52 May 08 2010  asa724-k8.bin
93     -rwx  4181246     16:08:14 May 08 2010  securedesktop-asa-
94     -rwx  398305      16:08:26 May 08 2010  sslclient-win-
95     -rwx  6514852     16:09:12 May 08 2010  asdm-524.bin
10     drwx  4096        18:14:28 Aug 15 2010  crypto_archive
97     -rwx  16459776    04:25:48 Jun 17 2010  asa822-k8.bin
98     -rwx  14240396    04:30:56 Jun 17 2010  asdm-631.bin

Open in new window

and continue in the same way with "copy flash:asdm-631.bin tftp:" (e.g.)

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