Keep two versions of Adobe Create Suite on my desktop, Ok?

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I have been using Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium for a few years now.  A month ago, I purchased CS5.5 Design Premium.  I am ready to install it but I would like to keep the CS3 on my desktop too.  Can I have 2 different versions (CS3 and CS5.5) installed on the same computer?

Any potential issue?  Would I 'crash' the Adobe program when I run it?

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Hi, I can't 100 % answer this but I have two versions Jasc Paintshop pro and coral Paintshop
also a few other tools together on my windows 7 x 32 no problems at all.. So long as it is not updated version that is it is a stand alone full version should be fine.
With all things see if your system can handle it, no conflicts with store folders for projects, you'll need to rename the default directory folders used by CS3 I dare say as I had to do with Paintshop pro so that Coral had no conflicts with backups and files association.
You have sufficient hard drive space or use two separate USB drives for storage.
I always have to use open with so there is no confusion
 but since you will be running only one at a time can't see why not.
Just ensure the older version is on first then the new version in that order.
So I did some sourcing for you, looking good to go.
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Yes, with a few exceptions.

I keep two version on my computer. The only problem that I have run into is in Dreamweaver and in Photoshop, the newer program locks into the scripts folder of the older program. This affects be because I have custom scripts that are version specific. There does not seem to be a method to set the default folder (or in this case redirect it.)
I have to put copies of the new scripts in the old folder and label them with version numbers.

There may be other minor glitches like this but I am unaware of them.


Thank you for your advice.  I just installed the CS5.5 on my desktop.  So far I opened one Photoshop file in the new program.  It seems to work fine.

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