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increase storage on raid 5

75carlos used Ask the Experts™
MS SBS2003 running on ML350 gp4 bios D19 (2/21/2005) using and adaptec 2610SA on raid5, 3 sata 160 gbtyes on 1 array.

First during the boot process I can see the adaptec section coming in bit not indication on how to access to the menu.

Running HP utilites from OS shows nothing just empty like there was no drives or raid or controller.

How can I access adaptec menu or something to be able to increase the raid from 3 hardisks to 4.

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You should have gotten a SmartStart CD in the box with the server.  Boot off of it

1. Choose language
2. Agree to license (reading the entire license agreement first, of course. ;)
3. Select Maintain Server
4. Select Configure Array
5. Select Array controller (top left)
6. Select Array controller (middle)
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Keep hitting <ctrl> A to get into adaptec utilities - you can turn the prompt on there as well. You won't find anything using HP tools or SmartStart since the Aaptec must have been added to it rather than an HP Smart Array controller.
I did update the BIOS and was able to see the CTRL-A option  BUT I got a yellow light flasing on one of the drives.

I post another question regarding this new issue before get into this one again.
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I'm still confused as to how an Adaptec card got into a ML350 g4. Home built server?


Sorry it took so long but I had/have an issue regarding the same server and I opened another question "rebuild raid 5 using Adaptec C…"

I got it from, I believe, CDW 5 years (it ccame with that controller) ago and it is not a home built server.

What I can say now is that after the Bios update I can "see" more info regarding the controller and I can see the ctrl-a option as well...weird.


That model of adaptec is a semi non-compatible card known to be problematic but it works. CDW put the server together.

Only after an bios update I was able to follow EXPERT suggestion.