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Citrix Datastor - SQL DB and ODBC -DSN Connection

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I'm planning to provision 3 new XenApp 6.5 servers and an EdgeSight server. I need step by step guidance on how to create the SQL DB on a SQL 2008 Server, a service account and an ODBC connection to the DB.

Do all three servers need to point t the same *.DSN file? (i.e located on a share..etc.?).

also, is it the same procedure for the EdgeSight database?
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Are these 3 new Xenapp servers part of a new citrix farm or are they joining to a current server farm.

Reason i ask is that there are 2 different steps.

If it is a new farm then the citrix datastore/database is created with the first server xenapp server build. If its part of a current farm then you will need to identify where the current datastore is sitting and the credentials to access it.  As part of adding a new xenapp server the installation process will ask you if you want to create a farm or join a farm.  Either option will ask you where you want the datastore to be kept or where the current datastore is to join.

The dsn file is created as part of the install process to point the server to the datastore. It is not something you will need to set up or configure manually.

Also during the edge site installation you will be asked where you want to put ur edgesite database.
If you not use to working with citrix or have no prior experience then the best thing to do is make your self accustomed with the citrix edocs

Xenapp 6.5



Hi, thanks for you response.

this is a new farm.. I'm aware of the difference, however, i need to know the exact process of what permissions to give what account on the SQL db that I will be creating for the datastore as well as the exact process of creating an ODBC connection.
If you look at the links i sent ya it defins how to do it.

Look at the xenapp 6.5 link and scroll down to the install and configure section. It has a subsection called configuring xenapp using the wizard-based servr configuration tools.

I am pretty sure the account that is installing the citrix farm will require dbcreator rights on the sql environment and the account used by the farm will require db reader and db writer privileges.