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Tool for creating Oracle ER diagram (reverse engineer)

toooki used Ask the Experts™
Is there any free tool to create ER diagram  (reverse engineer) of an exiting Oracle database?

I downloaded MySql Workbench -- I thought it creates ER diagram from Oracle besides MySql but it seems it does not.
Thank you.
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Muhammad Ahmad ImranDatabase Developer

The best one: try it

Embarcadero Technologies’ ER/Studio
Praveen Kumar ChandrashekatrDatabase Analysist Senior
Try oracle sql developer data modeler for oracle which is free from oracle.

Database Consultant
There are a number tools which can do this. It can be very easily done and changes incorporated in MS Visio. TOAD, PLSQL Developer also gives facility to generate the ER diagram. There are a number of other High end designing tools too in the market which gives all these. However, if looking for a free tool the best that I could think of is SQL Developer Data Modeler provided by Oracle which is free for developers from your registered Oracle login. It gives the facility for reverse engineering as well as forward engineer i.e. first design and then generate script to directly apply in DB.


Thank you all. I finally used SQL developer and Visio. Both worked fine.