use robotic library ts3100 with backup exe 10

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i have ibm ts3100 robotic library and i use backup exe10 i need link or guide to use with this software, how replac media?how cleaning media?and other topic how use with backup exe to manage this library of ibm
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From the hardware compatibility list, it looks like you need at least Backup Exec 10.1 (a.k.a. 10d) with the latest device driver pack to support this library.

Here are some quick tips. All the jobs can be run by right-clicking the library in the Devices tab. The right-click menu will have all the commands.

* If you replace multiple pieces of media at the same time, run an inventory job against the library after you have manually replaced the media in the library.
* If you want to import or export 1 piece of media, you can use the import or export jobs. Be aware that for those jobs to finish you will have to confirm a Backup Exec alert hat will pop up. No need to run an inventory after having run import or export.
* To clean the drive, you will need to do the following:
    1. Make sure you don't have a cleaning slot defined in the library itself. Check IBM's user guide on how to check/confirm
    2. Define cleaning slot in Backup Exec - I believe you right-click one of the slots in the library and check the checkbox to mark it as "cleaning slot".
    3. Physically put a cleaning tape in the slot you marked as "cleaning slot" in step 2.
    4. No need to clean manually - if the drive needs cleaning, it will raise a tapealert, which Backup Exec will automatically read and BE should clean the drive.

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