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Inherited asp.net pages across sites?

Grant Surridge
Grant Surridge used Ask the Experts™

I am setting up a website for our customers, but want to personalise it for each one with logos styles, but also perosonalised and tweaked content

There will be a core set of pages for each customer, but things will change across each one, and some will have their own pages too

I want to do this through sub domains so customera.domain.com and custmerb.domain.com, but don't want to manage too many different sets of code, visual studio projects and so on

What can I do? Hope this makes sense
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You can manage by sub site like
customera.domain.com redirect to www.test.com/customera
customerb.domain.com redirect to www.test.com/customerb

and so by this you will be able to share on the folder. you can point to the specific customer links which are different for each customer.
Dale BurrellDirector

in ASP.NET you can assign a Theme to a page based on the user who is logged in, there is also an entire module, Personalization, which addresses these issues.

I think assigning sub-domains per customer might be problematic as I don't think there is any easy way to assign all sub-domains in IIS, but I could be wrong. I would suggest using domain/customer/page... and then using routing to direct it to the actual page and set the theme correctly.