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On this site I've a password validation script... which is to validate if password is long enough and has special chars in it.
For some reason it;s not working. Can someone pinpoint what am I missing here?

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well you are not passing anything to the validatePassword function here:

<input type="password" id="password"  name = "password" onblur="validatePassword(); return false;"/>
looks like it wants a table of options and the password:

 onblur="validatePassword(this.value, {lower:4});"
by the way you have an unrelated cut and paste error here:

<label for="password">Confirm Password*</label>

should be:

<label for="cnpassword">Confirm Password*</label>


Thank you for your comments..

                        <input type="password" id="password"  name = "password" onkeyup="checkPassword(); return false;"/>
I am using this...Can you pls check again?
change: var passed = validatePassword(password,
to: var passed = validatePassword(password.value,

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