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I'm clearly missing a step. I have a storyboarded tabcontroller app and want to add some preferences. So I insert the settings bundle and edit the Root.plist file to order.

What I don't understand is how the results get displayed. Is there a default filename I need to deploy, do I need to add a special setting?

All the tutorials I have read concentrate on editing the plists and presume the settings materialise, but how.

Many thanks as always.
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It is really so - just add a settings bundle to your project, add a property you need and launch the app on the phone. You'll see in the phone Settings your application and could edit the property you added.

Adding a settings bundle to an iPhone App

iOS Developer Library. Preferences and Settings Programming Guide


I've spent the last week reading these pages, amongst other. They all seem to concentrate on explaining on how the edit the plist and then gloss over the detail of the rest of the process, which is where and why I am stuck.

Where do I tell the plist what the settings page is or is there a reserved name for the page I should use?

I an using a StoryBoarded app so the pages and contained within that. Should I create a sepearte page for this purpose?

Many thanks.
Just add a Settings bundle to your app - everything's by default, New File, Settings bundle, etc. Compile the project and install on the phone. Then open the iPhone settings and check if you see the name of your app there. Select it and see what's inside. That's the first step.

1. Open Xcode.
2. In the menu File->New->Project
3. Choose iOS, Single View Application. Click on Next.
4. Type a name. For example, TestSettingsApp. Click Next.
5. Choose a location for the project.

Now add the settings bundle:
1. in the menu File->New->File.
2. Select Resource and Settings bundle.
3. Build the project and launch it on the phone.

Now you can open the phone settings and find the app preferences there.
Add Settings bundle to the project
Phone settings with the test app
Default (created by the wizard) app settings


You are a genius. So when you add the Settings.bundle it creates the settings not in the App as you would expect but in the iPhone's main settings window. Counter intuitive to say the least and not well explained elsewhere.

Most core iPhone apps seems to use the centralised Settings apporach. Most Apps I have I have bought have the settings within the program. Are they using a variant of Settings.bundle or are they just cutting their own code from scratch?

Your images explained in under a minute what had been baffling me for the previous week.

Thank you.


Spot on!


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