Add reference located in bin subfolder (VB.NET)

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Hi ,

I need to distribute an applicatio with SQL lite and I don't want copy the file 'System.Data.SQLite.dll' in other folder.

The file is in the project 'bin' subfolder (default application folder)

I need to create a 'relative' reference of this DLL but VB want a 'absolute' reference (c:\windows\ ...).

How I can add a relative reference ??

There is a config file that I can modify to do it ?

Thank you !!
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You can give the reference to Dll in you bin folder .
You do not have to worry about the relative and absolute path of dll.
Just put the dll in bin  folder and give reference.

Now whenever you change or distribute it will automatically handle its path.


Yes , you have right. This is a false problem.


Very Good !

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