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What am I doing wrong?  
I am new to Win 7, screen saver was not starting and monitor not turning off.  I fiddled with the timings, custom plan, etc. and it started working correctly.  However, when it became necessary to reboot the system it stopped working again.  I have again reset all the timings, etc. but it has not started working correctly again.
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Hello. I did a little research and i found these topics: and this

Tell me if that helped you ..i will look more into your problem and let you know if i find a solution.
Try hard coding it in local group policy:

gpedit.msc -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel -> Personalization -> Enable screen saver
R/click the desktop go to personalize> can you see your current them at the bottom left does it have a screen saver attached to it?
 looking at the bottom still move over to the right  corner see screensaver> click on that
put it to none apply
Now look to the top is your current desktop wallpaper theme show as unsaved theme?
Is there two of this same theme by looking at the wallpaper?
I get this sometimes they get mixed up
Click on the want you want to use then go back to unsaved one right click it and delete it
If there is only one of this r/click it and save it.
That should do it.
I believe it is about saving unsaved themes.


So far, nothing works -

gpedit, gpedit.msc, secpol, secpol.msc get a "No items match" return.

Also, Wall paper & Screen saver set to "My Photos" and it originally went through all photos in multiple sub folders.  For some unknown reason wall paper stopped doing this and now seems to insist that I just pick one sub folder.

Win 7 was supposed to be better at this stuff?

Seems like random failures to me!
Never blame the tools, which version of windows 7 do you have?
home pro ultimate?
Laptop or desktop?
Laptops have power settings everywhere
HDD power settings? turn off?
In refs to>Win 7, screen saver was not starting and monitor not turning off
The right method is to set Turn off the display for a period longer than the screen saver Wait time.
 If  for eg you want the screen saver to start 7 min after no activity make sure the monitor is NOT set to turn off after 3 or 5 minutes of inactivity otherwise it will never let the screensaver turn it will go to sleep
So if your screensaver is set to wait 5 or less minutes your monitor must be set to turn off after 6 or 7 minutes after this time so that the screen saver can start

Do you have  wireless mouse?
Try a wired mouse.
Unplug the w/mouse and uninstall the driver from device manager, reboot, plug it back in and let windows install a driver and see if everything works again.
Anything else plugged in


Uninstalling the wireless mice seemed to do it.  I uninstalled one at a time to not be mouse-less and suddenly things were working correctly again.  I have a wireless, unifying, normal type mouse and a wireless trackball.

To answer your questions -

Home Premium

Laptop, Dell N7110, working as a desktop via a Kensington Universal Notebook Docking Station with VGA/DVI and Ethernet 4 and Dell U2311H monitor.
Ok sounds good?
Was it resolved now by uninstalling the W/mouse?
Wonder why they cause this. I've seen this problem resolved a couple of times now using this same method.
Maybe a sequence of things are out of wack somewhere.


I uninstalled the driver for my unifying mouse, rebooted, then uninstalled the driver for my wireless trackball and rebooted.

Suddenly, things were working correctly again with no additional effort required.
Simple steps for sure.
Please close your question.
Glad I could help and now enjoy your screensavers Mikeinflorida

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