remoteapp not working on virtual Windows XP SP3

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Hi guys,

I´m trying to deliver a 32-bit old application on a Windows Server 2008 terminal server environment. So I installed HyperV, created a Windows XP SP3 virtual machine, installed KB961742-v3, created a .rdp but the connection fails with a "remote computer does not support remoteapp". A full desktop session works (just blanking out the right side of "alternate shell:s:rdpinit.exe"), so I´m not failing on the basics.


Americo Kerr
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kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

Where is the old 32bit app installed? Is it on the 2008 server, or the XP machine? It sounds like you are trying to host the app on Windows XP and then deliver that to users on the terminal server. You can't do that. Only Windows 2008/2008 R2/Server 8 can HOST RemoteApps.


So what does KB961742-v3 is for? As far as I know, this is a patch to allow Windows XP SP3 to host RemoteApps.
Network Engineer
That is to allow RemoteApp for Window 7 machines running Windows XP mode.

"This update adds support for RemoteApp to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)-based virtual machines that are running on a Windows 7-based computer. Therefore, after you install this update on the Windows XP SP3-based virtual machine, you can use Windows Virtual PC to run more Windows XP applications from a Windows 7-based computer."
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Windows Virtual PC is not Hyper-V--- Will try something in the lab

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