Can Interrupting the Bluetooth Pairing Process Cause Damage or Firmware Corruption?

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During the bluetooth pairing process, information is exchanged back and forth between two devices in order to generate a link key. Let's say this process is interrupted before the link key is made.
Example 1: A bluetooth headset signal drops out in the middle of pairing to a new phone due to interferance or trying to connect at long range.
Example 2: A PS3 controller is unplugged while in the middle of syncing to the system for the first time.

I know that power loss can cause problems during flash memory write cycles, but in these two examples power is maintained to the bluetooth hardware and only the signal is interrupted. So if the bluetooth pairing process is interrupted before completion between two devices that have never been paired before, what happens? Would it just cause an incomplete/corrupt link key? Or could it possibly cause any harm to the chip or firmware?
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Technical Development Lead
No physical harm at all no. Your just getting an incomplete process. Unplugging a controller whilst in the middle of the process is no more of a risk than unplugging any device when its working.


I have accidentally damaged a USB drive by unplugging it while it was working, but I assume that's because it lost power during the write cycle.

I guess I'm thinking of the bluetooth pairing process (first time pairing when link key is generated) being like a firmware or BIOS update - Where the process must not be interrupted or the firmware could be damaged. Is this an incorrect comparison?
Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

It is indeed an incorrect comparison.
No, by stopping the paring your only telling it not to communicate any further. It will not alter or change firmware / software.

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