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I'm using the following regex to replace text in between curly brackets {}:
preg_replace("/\\{(\w)\\}/e", '$mappedFields[\1]', $template);

But I need to allow underscores and hyphens _-. How would I change it to allow for multiple hypens and underscores, like {__some-key--here}

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Please post a sample of the test data you're using.  Where do you need to allow the underscores and hyphens?  In the pattern?  Or in the input strings?  Or in the output?  If we can see the test data and expected results, it will be easy to get you a good answer very quickly.  Thanks, ~Ray


Here is a sample of the data I am trying to match:


The ones that start with meta are the ones that seem to fail with the current regex.
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ozo gave you the updated pattern. The PHP version would be:

preg_replace("/\\{([-\\w]+)\\}/e", '$mappedFields[\1]', $template);

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