SaaS ERP and accounting systems for SMEs

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I'm looking at doing a link from a SaaS CRM product for SMEs and the vendor has asked if we should look at SaaS ERP/accounting systems only or a mix of SaaS and on-premises.

It would really help if anyone could point me in the right direction to find the following:
• How SaaS ERP products compare in the market to on-premises ERP … now and expectations in the next year or two. I suspect the uptake hasn't been as rapid as with CRM due to the more conservative nature of accountants
• What are the relative shares of the major players like (if available)?
• How good their data access is – API etc. Easy to read/write their tables and send/receive to the CRM via a third-party tool?
• Do any have opportunities to promote a CRM solution that links to their product to their client bases

Any help appreciated ...

Just to clarify ... I'm looking for suggestions of the 3-5 most popular cloud-based ERP systems for SMBs, how their current market-share compares with on-premises, and how easy it is for a third-party product to read/write the data

Also, if you have any links to data on how North America compares to international in this regard
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GLComputing, what you're asking about cannot be answered in posts, it requires a research that focuses on your enterprise requirements. There will be no benefit if I say NetSuite is a very good cloud ERP while it doesn't fit your detailed requirements.

Generally, there would be no technical limitations on accessing the cloud ERP tables or do data exchange, it will, most probably, be easier to do data exchange with cloud ERPs due to its SaaS nature.

Market share can be collected from consulting website, to list a few:, .. etc. But I don't know how accurate their reports on Market share are.

Due to the complexity of the processes ERP system handles, it would be more viable to start selecting the ERP system while considering the available integrated CRM. In general, the leading CRM systems are so close in what functionalities they offer, so you just need to make sure that the selected ERP system can be integrated with a reputed CRM system (like MS Dynamics CRM, SalesForce ... etc).
MS Dynamics NAV and MS Dynamics AX are of leading ERP systems and offer out-of-the-box integration with MS Dynamics CRM. Every system of NAV, AX, and CRM support SaaS architecture. Netsuit is one of the leading cloud ERP systems in the world, but it doesn't offer on-premises option.

Cloud ERPs are good option for money saving as it saves you having MIS department and Servers Hardware. Other than that, it's not welcomed.

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