In IBM SAN what is prtcfgfillword and prtcfgspeed what is the difference

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I follow the following steps for PORT Activation in Brocade Switch e.g 1/1

1/ portcfgdefault  1/1
2/ portcfgfillword 1/1  // dont understand this parameter
3/ portcfgtrunkport 1/1 0  // To disable trunk
4/ prtcfgqos  --disable 1/1 // what is this
5/ portname 1/1 -n "name"
6/ portcfgpersistentenable 1/1


1/ Please let me know if this is right order .
 2/ If there anything need to set than above
3/ Diffrence between portcfgspeed and portcfgfillword

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Fill words are what it sends when there's no data to send.

>dont understand this parameter
You haven't set a parameter, you need a 1,2, or 3 at the end of that command.

portcfgqos configures QoS on a trunk, but you've spelt it wrong.

Speed is the speed, 2,4,8 gig etc. Fill word is just waffle because if it didn't send anything the sender/receiver would lose clock syncronisation and the fibre would go down in temperature because the laser would be off during that period.



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