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IBM SAN - What is Lun Masking

gutenmorgen used Ask the Experts™
1/ Please let me know what is Lun Masking . How it is different form zoning

2/ Can Lun Masking is sufficient .

3/ Lun Masking and Host Mapping - i am bit confused with both terms Please tell me the difference
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LUN masking is a binary Y/N can this WWN target device be seen on whatever HBA port.  There is no grouping or supersets.    It also will work in arbitrated loops, while zoning typically works in a zoned environment.

LUN masking is sufficient in many cases. It does not require any switches anywhere.

Host mapping means I want LUN#x on this controller to appear on LUN#y on this particular HBA port.

x does not have to be equal to y.
AS Zoning is done in switches i.e 2nd layer of FCP  , and

Lun Masking is done at Host Level i.e application Level ,  and

Host Mapping is done at SVC ( san volume controller )

Is above statements are valid please correct me if not
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All above is true, but they are not the ONLY method.   Both LUN masking & Host mapping can be done within a HBA.  Arguably, they aren't the classic way to do such things, but nevertheless, this can be done by individual HBAs.   QLogic HBAs can do this, for example.