Ports not forwarding on Sonicwall TZ 200

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Hey Guys,

I'm working on a new install and going a little crazy trying to figure out why i cant route traffic to new SBS 2011 server.  In the sonicwall, I have it setup to allow traffic on HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP and RDP to the new server but the only thing that forwards is RDP. I can telnet into the server from the local network but not externally.  I have tried turning the local firewall off on the SBS server and creating additional firewall rules but i cant seem to get this traffic to punch through. I though I might be dealing with some port blockage at the ISP but I can access the admin interface for the sonicwall over the WAN without any difficulty, and if I change the admin port to another port I can still access the admin interface. So I'm assuming at this point based on my troubleshooting steps that it's something with the sonicwall. I have deployed dozens on sonicwall's in and have never come across this issue.

I have also removed all the rules that the public server wizard created and re-ran the wizard to re-create the rules but i am still left with only RDP access.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated, thank you kindly in advance.
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I would save the config and do a factory reset. Best bet is build the rules up manually after, problem could be in the config file. I had something like this happen (unresponsive) and doing this fixed it. Check to if there is a firmware upgrade missing.
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Have you run a packet capture and what is the output? There are codes that can give you insight in the packet captures. Save them as Libpcap and text to get the flow and codes.
Turns out that the ISP was filtering the traffic although they denied it the first few times we called.


problem was at isp

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