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Norman Maina
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I am trying to have a column with a bit datatype to be a calculated column.

what am trying to achieve is to automaticaly change the value of the column to either True or False depending on where a view that checks quantities in another table has zero balances or not.

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You can create user defined function that will do the check and use it for the calculated column.

I would be careful though - you can have performance issues if you constantly accessing that column (like via select * from..).
You can do this with a user defined function, but I would be careful because when you go to change it or change the function, you have to drop the column and re-add it.

On a production system, it can get pretty dicey changing it out.

But if you want to know how to do this:


Thanks guys -I was going that direction but changed my mind.Learnt quite abit about calcu;ated columns though :)

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