Good place to buy airline tickets cheaper than normal, tips tricks?

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Anyone have some good tips on how to get airfare cheaper than normal? I am flying from around Cincinnati to Las Vegas.

About the only way I know to get a cheaper price is by using priceline and bidding but I have never tried it before. Anyone have experience bidding like that? The site says you leave between 6am and 10pm but I don't like the idea of not knowing when you leave and come back, but if I can really save 40% or more it might be worth it.

Are there good sites or times to buy or ways to get a discount on airfare? I am leaving around the end of the year.
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Have a look at ''.
I haven't bought through them, but it is a good resource to find flights.
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Kayak will show you a list of prices from many sites and you can pick the best one.

You could also try flying standby but you aren't guaranteed a  seat on the plane that leaves at the time you want.
Purchase your tickets about 8 weeks before travel date.

Purchase on a Tuesday.

Best tips I know of to get the lowest price.



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