Domino dfixup and nupdall Schedule

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I want to upgrade my domino server ,then i want to do the maintenances job before server upgrade.To save time, it could be scheduled to run as Program at early hours on the day of upgrade.That is my boss told me,but i don't know how to do it.

1.Can i run  command below if server is live?
DOS - “c:\lotus\domino\nfixup -f -j -v -l”
DOS - “c:\lotus\domino\nupdall –R -X”
DOS - “c:\lotus\domino\ncompact –c -i”

2.How to schedules  run as program
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Hi there

You can schedual it by doing the following  on the IBM Domino Administrator:

- Click the " Configuration " tab
- on the right pane select " Programs" from the " Server" menu
- click " add program" button .
- in the program name : but Compact, fixup or updall
- in the command line : put  options you need e.g. -B -S with compact
- in the server to run on : put the server name
- Enable the Schedule and put the time and dates .
Save and close ..

Regarding the other part of running these commands ... you can run these command on NSF files only and the domino folder contains a lot of other types files . Moreover, AFAIK, it can be ran on the mail folder under data folder .

I also recommend you do some readings in these links

Best Wishes


Task above can be run in production server and without shutdown domino server
You can run those commands against a running server, but some open databases cannot be processed. For that you need to run the commands with Domino down.
There are excellent upgrade guides available from the Domino Wiki 
Read them.

WarriorsTeah ,,, Just give it a try tonight and see :)
I've been using such a similar programs for the last 10 years  on all of my servers and have no problems with it ...

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