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I am in the process of backing up my Windows 2000 server R2. When the backup wizard started I picked to back up my entire computer. My question is does this back up save the operating system as well or just all of the files that are on the computer? Also after I am done backing this server up to my external hard drive is there a way that I can delete all of the files that are on the C: drive it is very badly fragmented and windows defrag does not help. So I guess what I am asking is, Is there a way to delete everything on the hard drive except the operating system without having to delete each file one by one? and then will I be able to use the back up to put my files back on the server? and if so the will the files be saved contiguously?

I know its a long question sorry.
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Sorry I can't help with detailed answers to your question, but here are some observations that may be of some use:

If you have defragged the disk in the hopes of a performance gain, I think you will not get much more even if all the files are copied back to the disk in contiguous blocks -- at least this has been my experience.

If this is an old disk replacing it may help with performance (possibly factor of 2-ish), but then you would need to use some kind of disk imaging utility as I am pretty sure windows backup will not copy the operating system to the new disk.

However, often for these old systems the best way to boost performance is to increase the amount of installed memory up to the max that windows can address: 4 GB.


Thank you I kinda figured I needed to increase the RAM. I plan on doing so in the morning.

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