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NLVDDMKM.SYS problems on Nvidia GeForce 9800 gt

drasmuss70 used Ask the Experts™
When I open a picture or video the screen pixulates and locks up PC, i then have to hard boot it.  I have tried updating drivers no luck.  I have tried the popular expand a new version of nvlddmkm.sys no luck.  When this started the screen would go balck or pixulate right away i turned windows media center so it stays on but as soon as i open a pic or video...done.
I have Vista sp 1 64 bit any help appreciated.
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Can you try to follow the below steps inorder to fix this issue:

1. Download latest WHQL notebook set driver for windows vista for your graphics card
2. After that find the device id in nvam.inf
3. Next you have to find [nv_commonBase_addreg] section
4. After that simply add the below lines:

Save the inf and run setup.



I cant even play freecell.....when i open it screen pixulates and freezes and if left long enough screen goes black
A couple of things to try.

Update your motherboard chipset drivers.

If that doesn't help try the steps below using msconfig to see if its a Service or Program that is interfering. If it works Ok, re-enable 1 or 2 items at a time, keep testing until you find out what is causing the problem.

Press the WinKey + r run msconfig

Click the Services tab then tick Hide all Microsoft Services, disable all Services except for Antivirus.

Click the Startup tab and disable all references in Startup Item except for Antivirus. Click Ok and click again to restart your Computer and try to reproduce the problem. Antivirus can be tested independently by using its built in function to disable it temporarily.

I've added a link with further information for you but I think using msconfig is a better idea.

An error occurred in NVIDIA Graphics Driver

How do you know it's NLVDDMKM.SYS fault?

It sounds more like a hardware problem to me.
Would need more info to diagnose this issue.

Try uninstalling nvidia drivers, reboot.
After reboot make sure your system is using default Microsoft VGA driver.
Try opening anything that's giving you problems.
If it works it maybe the driver, try reinstalling the latest version, if it's a notebook try getting the drivers form notebook's manufacturer site as the gfx card could have some manufacturer's customizations.
If it continues pixelating and crashing your system even on default driver check your hardware.
It even could be bad/damaged RAM, run memtest+, borrow another gfx card and test with it.
You have a bad video chipset.(Card)


I did the msconfig to figure out it the graphics card/software.  i have installed the newest driver.  doesnt solve the problem.  i have uninstalled all Nvidia drivers and re-installed just the basic graphic driver, problem still there.  If i unistall all the drivers problem goes away.  I can open pictures.  So is this a bad card? it is a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT video card.


So i pput in new new video card seems to be working


thanks for all input