Moving NTDS log files

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I am following this article:

To temporarly relocate my NTDS log files so that I can change out the drives that make up the array the files are sitting on.

In this article, it talks about verifying the integrity of the files after the move. It then says the following:

12.At the file maintenance: prompt, type integrity and then press ENTER.

If the integrity check fails, perform semantic database analysis with a fixup record.

What is this fixup record?

is this something I need to do beforehand?

If this check fails, I don't want to NOT know what to do...

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Fixup just means you will run the go fixup command as outlined here

Do you have another DC on your network other than this one that you are making hardware changes too.  If you do then that other DC is really your ultimate protection.  Make sure you have good backups too but the second DC is the number 1 rule.




I guess I am just being a little over careful.

Something tells me that this is a simple procedure, but I have never done it before, and it sounds like if it fails, no one can log in.

Is it really all that bad that I should transfer the responsibility over to another DC?

I can... but it seems a bit extreame for a log file relocation...

I have no users connection or using the network at all during this procedure.

We are a small company (about 100 users, 3 sites one AD domain.

I have even seen where it was suggested that if the integrety check fails, just rename the log files and Windows will remake them.
Never heard of the fixup before.

Try this:

net stop ntds
activate instance ntds
move db to G:\NTDS-Dbase
move logs to G:\NTDS-Logs
net start ntds
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If you have another DC then I would transfer FSMO roles if this box hold them.   The second DC is just an insurance policy "just in case"



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