VB.Net: Remove EXCEL.EXE from TaskManager Processes

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Hi Experts,

How can I remove the EXCEL.EXE from the process list in the TaskManager.

Because I am using a code to export data from a gridview to excel, and after executing the code, the EXCEL.EXE is still running on the Tastkmanager and when I run that code again and again it adds up the EXCEL.EXE in the process list.

Could you please give me a code to end process the EXCEL.EXE using VB.Net.

Thanks in advance.
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Dim app As New Excel.Application
 '... 'After doing your stuff '...

more details in below link
the following code implicitly references a Workbooks object:

Dim newWorkBook As Excel.Workbook = app.Workbooks.Open(MyFileName)

 To release the Workbooks object you need to reference it explicitly, so that you have a reference on which you can call Marshal.ReleaseComObject:

Dim objWorkbooks As Excel.Workbooks = app.Workbooks
 Dim newWorkbook As Excel.Workbook = objWorkbooks.Open(MyFileName)
You also should use Try/Finally to ensure ReleaseComObject is called even if an exception is thrown

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