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I'm trying to help my cousin. He has a business and needs to share video files with his customers. I guess his customers can ride this water jet thing, and they have videos of their ride, then they want the videos to be available for the customer to download.
their website is down, so they can't post them there, and they tried dropbox but for some reason can't get that to work either.
so I was wondering is there a quick way i could setup a file share - like freenas or something like that, where his customers could go, sign in to their own folder, and get their videos?
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google docs. you can upload any file. you can make it public.
or amazon s3. no official gui but could use s3fox.

Commented: is also an alternative with 2GB free storage and affordablre prices for higher volumes

they tried dropbox but for some reason can't get that to work


from the suggestions i did some research and i want to see if this sounds right.

so there are things like amazon s3 and google docs. ( thank you basicinstinct for pointing out that dropbox isn't working for some reason ) and i will see if this is an option, if he doesn't want to go that direction then...

i was thinking maybe i could setup my own share, but that would mean i would need a domain name, and i should have a public ip so if my cousin's client click on my domain name on a webpage, they would be directed to my freenas server. so if i do it myself i need a public ip, a domain name, and webpage front end pointing to my freenas file share.

does that sound like it covers it?
it will be seriously much easier to use amazons3 than set up your own infrastructure.

your freenas server will probably not really be a "server" in that you will probably not go out and buy proper server hardware (a machine with no single point of failure). nor is it likely you will buy a generator or large UPS for your "data center" nor a redundant network etc etc

even if you did all this you would need to ensure your "pipe" to the internet could handle your customers downloading large video files (while you also use the internet for your own purposes).

That said, to answer your question:
you don't NEED a domain name, you could get a static IP and give that out or use a dynamic dns service: something like this:

you wouldn't need a webpage frontend - you could simply use an FTP server on your freenas box and make sure you make your FTP port public.


ok, but the basic principle is  

( big pain in the butt )  setup freenas, use ftp, find a path from the outside world to my freenas  

or plan b  something like amazon s3 or google docs.

big pain in the butt

actually it would be really easy to set up freenas - you could do it in about two hours BUT it would be an inadequate solution and to do it RIGHT would be a huge pain in the butt and expensive.

setup freenas, use ftp, find a path from the outside world to my freenas
yes, that's what you'd have to do (of course you could use a webpage frontend if you wanted in which case you would run a webserver instead of an ftp server)


"actually it would be really easy to set up freenas - you could do it in about two hours"

you're correct about that, i did set it up to see how feasible it would be, and it was surprisingly easy.
i was referring more to the getting the public ip, web front end ( i don't code ), and the expense.
I suppose i wouldn't have to have a web front end, but it would be for my cousin's business, so i'm sure he would want it to be professional looking.
yep. making a diy job into something professional is where the pain is.


thanks for the help

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