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server profiler

enrique_aeo used Ask the Experts™
Hi Experts,
 I have an web application that is accessed through 15 computers
 in the sql server profiler is possible to monitor what a computer
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Senior Data Architect
If you're asking whether you can use SQL Server Profiler to tell which computers are connection and what they're doing, the answer is yes. It's a column called "Hostname", and it's not selected by default (though I've never understood why - it seems like a common need). Anyways, to select it:

1. Click "New Trace", and then click on the "Events Selection" tab.
2. Show all columns by clicking the box in the lower-right labelled "Show all columns"
3. Check the column "HostName" for the events you're interested in.

Once you do that, you'll see a column that shows the name of the computer executing the query against your server.
Addition to ryanmccauley.
If it is a web application, the hostname will be that of the webserver while the connection to your db is 'server side'.