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what is involved in having outlook email come to an iphone?  We use Outlook 2007 on LAN with .ost file.  The iPhone is a 4.  Employee wants to check her company email with her iphone and respond to that email using her iphone.  Two questions come to mind-first, how to receive the email on the phone, second, how to reply to the email where the reply is also in Outlook when she gets back to her computer?
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If the user that is using Outlook is connected to an Exchange server, follow this guide. http://www.thirdtier.net/2010/06/connecting-an-iphone-4-to-exchange

Additionally, you will need to make sure that your firewall does not block port 80 (unsecured) or 443 (secured with SSL cert) and you have to make sure that the Exchange server has ActiveSync enable for the user in question.

If not, you will have to put an application on the PC that will allow it to synchronize Outlook to the phone over the internet.  there are many apps out there.  Just search for iPhone synchronization with Outlook
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How many users with Outlook using an .ost file do you know that are not using an Exchange server?

What version of Exchange do you have?

Activesync is the protocol you need to configure to get mail to work happily on your iPhone.

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