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Rampage IV Extreme: Unable to install AISuite II on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

dr34m3rs used Ask the Experts™

I ported my windows 7 pro system over from my old P6T6 WS Workstation build via sector by sector cloning of my drive. Everything works great, and I am able to install all drivers and other software, however, I am unable to install the AISuite II software.

If I install from the driver DVD that came with the motherboard, it seems to go through the process and reboots a couple of times, and says it's successful, however I am unable to locate the software.

If I download the AISuite II software from the asus website, I click on the "AsusSetup.exe" file, the blue circle of thought goes for a bit and I see the ghost of a window try to appear (the icon is in the taskbar) and then vanish and my mouse returns to normal. If I check in the process list for windows task manager, "AsusSetup.exe *32" is there but not doing anything. Killing and retrying it doesn't seem to help and run as administrator doesn't seem to help.

I am stuck! I would really appreciate any help an expert could lend! I really need these tools!


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install patch as administrator, reboot, install AIsuite as administrator.


I followed the instructions: Then got a system services exception (blue screen).

I rebooted and was able to boot into windows. I attempted the install as administrator (run as administrator), but from within the administrator account (and I could try that), but it didn't work.

I then tried the steps again, patched as administrator, then rebooted (without a blue screen this time), and attempted the AISuite install, without success.

Please let me know what I am missing or anything else I can do?

Thanks for any help!



Attempting the patch and install as the administrator user (not just as selecting 'run as administrator') did not help.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!


I disabled program compatibility service in windows, and now I receive a "The model does not support this application" message (at least it's something). This used to be a P6T6 mobo, and now it changed to rampage IV, maybe a registry entry?
It's an issue with their software.

I installed win7 pro 64-bit (same version as on my main drive) on an SSD I had around.

I was able to install all the software and AISuite no problem.

And although I wont be able to do a fresh install on my main system, I can overclock with this drive, then just use coretemp on my main drive to monitor temps.

Thanks for the help though.


Issue with Asus AISuite software