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My company has 2 domains (both SBS... ya don't ask) and I need users in Domain2 to map to a file server in Domain1 through Group Polices.  Here's what I have

\\Domain1.local\Tsmith - password 112233
\\Domain2.local\Tsmtih - password 112233
~ yes the user name and passwords are the same because users in Domain2 access the Exchange server which is only in Domain1 (yes I know... ).

So I want to write a policy for users in Domain2 to map a drive automatically to

I've setup both a bat file using "Net Use" and a vbs file using WScript (.MapNetworkDrive) method.   But neither are working because the username and password are incorrect.  This must be because Win7 now passes the domain name along with the username ex (\\domain1\tsmith), instead of just "tsmith".  However, exchange works, users only have to enter their password in once and Outlook remembers it.

If the a user in Domain2 types in "\\Fileserver.domain1.local\foldershare ", they get the Windows Security screen asking for their credentials.  Is there anyway I can invoke this when mapping a drive?

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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When mapping/accesing share on different domain you should specify the username as:

DOMAIN2\user ( if you use just "user" system would pass it as "DOMAIN1\user" and it would fail)
You need to incorporate a script using the net use command in this fashion:

net use X: \\SERVER\SHARE password:***** \user:*****


Your both right but your also both wrong.  I'm using a vbs script to map the drives to a different domain and don't have the password for that user.  I needed a prompt for them to put in the credentials.  

What I ended up doing is changing the script to put DOMAIN1\%strUser%.  This way it definitely passes the domain 1 credentials and works.  

Thanks for your help guys

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