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Resolving IP address

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This isn't so much a "how do I do this" question, as a "what is going on" question.  I have a web server with 8 IP addresses, from to  I've assigned address to www.cerebrum.ca.

I can see www.cerebrum.ca in any browser, but when I type, all I see is the welcome page (iisstart.htm) for IIS which appears to be the default web site for the server.

Why is this happening?  Shouldn't I be able to type the IP address and get the same result as typing in the URL?

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Does your IIS installation still have "Default Site" enabled? If so what is IP address is bound to it? It most likely says "Any address" in its IP address field.

Disable the default site and the iisstart.htm will go away.

Make sure the www.cerebrum.ca is setup in the "Bindings" to the and not to *
it's not about resolving, it's about IIS site setup.

Check IIS site configuration , if you have IP address setup as unassigned then IIS will look for the request headers ( same ways as apaches vhosts work, there is also an option to configure them, the header will default to the site name). make sure put the correct IP address for each site you run, so IIS will know which IP corresponds to each site and will stop looking at header and also will give access to the correct site if you type the right ip in your browser.
And disable the default site, it could be a potential security issue.