could I receive and/or send android calls/sms from my desktop computer

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windows 7 computer
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SanthanaTechnical Lead

Hi rgb192,

How you will send sms/call from  your computer...?

Do you mean sendign/receiving sms or calling through simulator ?
If you need to remote control your android phone from your PC you need to have a "rooted" phone. Otherwise no remote control apps will work. If you dont have a rooted phone you can view the phone but will not be able to control it.

To be able to control you phone you can go through the following article:

Good Luck!
There is an app out there called DeskSMS by a very good Android developer named Koush.  It requires a Google Talk account (which you already since you set up a gmail account for android.)

It basically just forwards you texts to your Google Talk account which you can receive on your computer. If you respond in Google talk, it will send a text back out through your phone. It's a great app. I've used it a lot.



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