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Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 migration - Configuring Virtual Directories (WebApp,ECP,OAB,EA,EWS)

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I am currently configuring the Exchange 2010 virtual directories for the following services WebApp,ECP,OAB,EA,EWS.

I will use a SAN certificate and create names for each one of these services. I will also create entries on the public DNS so that they can be reached from the outside.


I have a CASARRAY (2 CAS servers).

Via the EMC I can get to each one of these services and change the Internal and external URL. It is my undertanding that I have to change the external URL to match the names that I have used in the public DNS as well as in the certificates. Is that correct?

Do I need to change the internal URL as well? I guess I can use the external URL for the internal address since I have generated the certificates for external URLs.

Could someone clarify this for me?

Also according to the documentation:

The EWS virtual directory can only be configured using the Exchange Management Shell. Run the following command using the external host name you chose for the SSL certificate earlier.

This is all a single-line command, and you should replace the server name and External URL to suit your environment.

Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -Identity "esp-ho-ex2010a\EWS (Default web Site)" -ExternalUrl https://mail.exchangeserverpro.net/EWS/Exchange.asmx

Since I have a "CasArray" do I need to run this command on each CAS memeber (CASHT01 and then CASHT02) or do I need to run it on the CASARRAY name?

Thank you
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Per documentation:

OWA Configuration
During installation of the Exchange Server 2010 Client Access Server all settings have been configured for use on the Internet. The only thing that needs to be configured is the coexistence information for Outlook Web App. The Client Access Server needs to be configured in case a mailbox is still on Exchange Server 2003 and the client needs to be redirected to the Exchange Server 2003 front-end server.
On an Exchange Server 2010 server enter the following Management Shell Command:
Set-OWAVirtualDirectory <CASHUB01>\OWA ‘
-ExternalURL https://webmail.inframan.nl/OWA ‘
-Exchange2003URL https://legacy.inframan.nl/exchange 

This will make sure that when a user connects to Exchange Server 2010 Client Access Server for Outlook Web Access and the mailbox is still on Exchange 2003 the client will be redirected to the old Exchange Server 2003 front-end server.


Question- I have a casarray formed by CASHT01 and cASHT02. What do I need to specify in the command if I want to set the legacy record? Do I need to run the command on each server for example CASHT01 and use command with CASHT01? Or do I need to run the command in each CASHT server with CASARRAY which is the name of the casarray that I have configured?