SQL Server drops precision when using SUM

Geoff Millikan
Geoff Millikan used Ask the Experts™
I want to use SUM() but not lose the significant places...  How do I do that?
//Returns 0.00000117580026124
SELECT 0.66896 /568940.16956

//Returns 0.000001
SELECT SUM(0.66896) / SUM(568940.16956)

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please cast the value as decimal with proper precision..

SELECT SUM(cast(0.66896 as decimal(38,22))) / SUM(568940.16956)
will do it for you.. it gives you 0.00000117580026124..

the reason for this is:

SUM() gives the summation of all expression values in the most precise expression data type.


Weird that the denominator doesn't have to be CAST.

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