Move SharePoint Foundation 2010 databases to a different path after WSS 3.0 upgrade

Julian123 used Ask the Experts™
I had been running WSS 3.0 with my database located on the D:

D:\SharePoint Data\Databases\STS_Config.mdf
D:\SharePoint Data\Databases\STS_Config_log.LDF
D:\SharePoint Companyweb Data\Companyweb Content DB\STS_SERVERNAME_1.mdf

 I did an in-place upgrade to SharePoint foundation 2010 and found that I now have a large amount of data on my c: too (was not aware that would happen):


There are a number of other files in this directory as well that look related.

My questions are threefold:

1.How do I move the data from the C: to the D:? I don't need to change any configuration settings other than moving the data from one drive to another. Some step-by-step instructions would be wonderful.

2. What do I do with the old WSS 3.0 files currently on the D: (the two I listed at the beginning of this post)? The .LDF and .mdf files I listed above both have modified dates of today, indicating that something is still using them.

3. Why are the .ldf files on my C: so big and is there any way to make them smaller? The ones I mentioned above are as large as 7GB.

Thanks so much!
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