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IIS7 Task Manager questions - run ASP?

dcass used Ask the Experts™
Is it possible to submit an ASP (not aspx or asmx - yet) to run in task manager?  I tried it but it didn't work.
I'm trying to
1) Check a database and if there is anything in it
2) send out an email per each record.

The program works interactively (on the web).

I can rewrite in PHP if that will work.  If I have to go to .NET to create it, this is going to turn into a much bigger job because I haven't used it since VS 2003 which won't install on Windows 7.
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I honestly don't know why you are going that route.

You can accomplish the same thing in one of two ways.

First approach is to convert your asp to vbscript.

Basically, two things you change:

1, instead of server.createObject, you use simply CreateObject without the server

Second, you use WScript.Echo "..."

instead of response.write "..." and the schedule it using windows scheduler


You if you are SQL Server, you can set up stored proc to using sql email component to schedule it using SQL Server jobs.

Task manager asp will not work.