Can't connect Sharp tv or Panasonic Blu-Ray player to wifi, but other devices connect

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Is there a known issue with tv and blu-ray wifi adapters?   I have a brand new sharp tv and panasonic blu-ray player in a room that is about 40' away from the wifi router, which itself is in it's own room.  Other devices near the tv and blu ray player connect fine, like laptops and smartphones, although with a weak signal, but neither the tv or blu-ray connect.   Both will intermittently detect the router but neither will connect.  The blu-ray has updated firmware.   Both items were bought at Costco so that may be part of the problem too....confirming my theory that Costco electronics are potentially inferior because of the price demands they put upon manufacturers.  The wifi router is an Xfinity modem that is less than 6 months old.

I'm headed to Best Buy in the morning to look into buying a 3rd party wifi router, but I thought I would check in here first before I talk to one of their "geniuses".
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I can think of 2 things ...

1. It could be a combination of low signal strength and interference from a nearby wifi.  The wifi receiver in your TV and blu-ray is probably not as high-tech as the laptop, so they're more susceptible.  To do a better test, bring the wifi router into the TV room if possible.  Also, try shifting the "channel" that the wifi is on, which will be in the router's GUI webpage.  Move the channel to 2 frequencies higher or lower; that will prevent it suffering from interference if a neighbour is using the same channel.

2. It could be a strange setting that your laptop is able to auto-detect but your TV is not.  As an example, I'm using XPsp2 and in my new flat, the router uses "Shared" instead of "Open" network authentication.  Most devices detect this automatically, but I had to manually create a wifi profile with this before my laptop could see it.  The plan for you here would be to carefully compare what wifi settings your router uses and try some other options.
It can't hurt to try a new router and you can probably return it if the issue persists. The new router might have better signal propagation in your house which will help all devices on your network in the long run.


Well, even though the signal is very weak in the area of the tv and bluray, i installed a roku and it is streaming high def shows flawlessly.   So I guess the answer to my question is, yes, some devices have inferior wifi adapters.    Thanks for your input.

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